About Project Mobile AED

Project Mobile AED (Automated Emergency Defibrillator) is intended to be created as a public service and deployed in high public traffic areas and events such as; malls, bus terminals, parks and will be also assigned on civic events.  The mobile AED will be a supplement for public emergency medical services and will be operated by highly trained responders from BCERT and our partners.

Our country (Philippines) is not fully aware of the importance of Public Accessible AEDs (PADS). In our own way, we can assist, educate, promote or even save lives by deploying AEDs in selected areas.

We will be able to respond in the fastest way and avoid loss of life as a mobile response team equipped with an AED.

The sad reality in our country (Philippines) where Public Accessible AEDs (PADS) are not available  unlike in Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, France, and Australia where AEDs are available in most public areas.

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Even with consistent response time for ambulance services they still rely on the availability of AED to avoid loss of life. One reason of poor visibility of AEDs in the Philippines is the cost, security and poor law of strict implementation on safety standards.


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The bottom line is, we need donations to make this project a reality. We need you!

It is estimated that we will need a total of approximately $7,000 USD to make this project a reality and outfit 5 teams with a fully functional AED and response pack.

Please dig deep and help us, help our community and country!


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